Wild! This brutal Mazda3 with a four-rotor engine and 1,200 hp is Mad Mike’s toy to climb Pikes Peak

The legendary race Pikes Peak will celebrate its centenary next June. Few brands and teams with experience in the event want to miss out on this unique opportunity.

The most extreme uphill race in the world attracts teams from all over the world, including, of course, the Mad Mike. Thus, the famous New Zealand pilot Mike Whiddett is preparing a Mazda3 special with rear-wheel drive and a very powerful motor Wankel four-rotor under the hood.

Mad Mike announced his participation in Instagram, where he revealed the livery of the Mazda (Mike still has the famous Austrian energy drink as his main sponsor) and the power he hopes to have with the rotary engine: 1,200 hp. And besides, it will be rear wheel drive.

Obviously, with that level of power, it seems obvious that all four rotors have supercharging. In any case, given that the atmospheric pressure varies considerably along the route, a naturally aspirated engine would lose a lot of power as it progresses along the route. And it is that the exit occurs at 2,830 meters of altitude and the finish line is 4,302 m altitude. Hence, supercharged engines are currently the favorites in the competition.

1,200 hp… and four seats

The published render shows a quartet of exhaust pipes running through the hood. Given their position, we doubt that they have any type of silencer, however minimal and competitive it may be. Between the free exhausts and howling four rotors, the marshals at the top won’t need radio or telemetry to know Mad Mike is headed for the finish line.

There is also a remarkable aerodynamic work, from the skirts that run along the bottom to the huge spoiler and rear diffuser. There is no doubt, it will be the wildest Mazda3 to date. Which makes us yearn for the presence of a sport trim Mazda3 in the range of the manufacturer from Hiroshima. The current Mazda3, by design and chassis, cries out for a performance version, but we already know that it will not happen.

In his publication, Mad Mike assures that the Mazda3 will retain four seats, but you must go alone in the car at the time of leaving to try to set the best time. The regulation prohibits co-pilots and passengers, the pilot is alone in front of the mountain. So if someone wanted to experience with it what it is climb sideways on that road without guard rails (because it will go sideways, obviously), you will have to stay with the desire.

We will have to wait for the video, although it will not be the same. `Because it would be very strange if we didn’t see a video afterwards recounting the feat. And it is that having Red Bull as a sponsor, it seems evident that its rise will be documented by dozens of cameras mounted in the gutters and in the car itself, not to mention those that will be in drones or helicopters. Red Bull would not pay for that party without communicating about it.

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