How to control privacy on the web with the new Startpage

More and more tools are available to users to control their level of privacy online. In this regard, it is now Startpage, another privacy-focused online search engine, which has decided to add to the existing options with the launch of its new extension for Firefox, Chrome and compatible Chromium-based web browsers.

Is about Startpage Privacy Protection, which offers two main features: privacy score and privacy controls, applicable to each website you are visiting at the same time.

The level of privacy score of each website gives a rating from 1 to 5, where 1 is the lowest rating and 5 the highest, which offers a higher level of privacy.

With respect to privacy control, this feature will take care of blocking trackers and cookies tracking on the websites you visit, depending on the settings you have.

Users will be able to configure the privacy control for each tracker, being able to choose one of three options for each of them: block everything, block only cookies, and allow everything.

By default, the setting completely blocks most trackers, although in some cases it only blocks their cookies., but users can set changes in case some websites might experience performance issues.

In this sense, by default users will have a configuration in which trackers are blocked on all websites, in addition to also blocking tracking through links, and also preventing browsers from obtaining data in advance.

On the other hand also they have an exclusion list, where they can add all those websites on which they do not want to block trackers and cookies. However, users can disable the extension when they don’t want it to work.

The curious part of this extension is that, after its installation, it automatically changes the search engine in the browser by its own by default, without the possibility of deactivating this mechanism.

As we say, it is available for Firefox, chrome and compatible.

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