This will be the equivalent of Instagram’s “Close Friends” on Twitter

Twitter has been working in recent years to bring new experience control tools to its users, but there is still room for improvement. And looking at the “Close Friends” function of Instagram, the idea liked those responsible to the point of finding themselves working on a similar function.

In this regard, the blue bird platform already showed its interest in July of last year by presenting a similar conceptual function along with two others with the aim that users can enjoy greater control over their tweets and profiles on the platform.

Now, according to a new teardown of the Twitter version 9.27.0-beta.2 APK for Android, the reverse engineering expert, Alessandro Paluzzi, has found new strings of code pointing to the upcoming release of the equivalent function but in the case of Twitter will be renamed Flock.

More control of the experience with this new tool

Although the new function is not yet available, even for users of the version, being currently in the development stage, Paluzzi has managed to put it into operation to know its behavior.

In this regard, it has been observed that If a user wants a tweet to have limited visibility only to known people, it will suffice to create a Flock, being able to add up to a maximum of 150 users, who will be the ones who will be able to see the tweet and comment on it.

These added users will receive a notification when they are already part of the Flock, but not when any of them have been removed from it. And it is that once published, the creator of the Flock will be able to add and remove users over time.

With Flock, users will be able to share things they don’t want to spread publicly, allowing their tweets to be seen only by those they have added, avoiding discrepancies and bad behavior that would be in case the tweets become public.

It will be a matter of waiting for the new feature to arrive enabled in a future beta version to learn more about it before its public launch.

And as always, the fact that there are lines of code does not mean that the function will finally be there, since it is possible that in Twitter They can go back down the road.

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