This B&You 70 GB plan for less than 13 euros per month is a real nugget

You only have a few days left to take advantage of the B&You 70 GB package at a sacrificed price: less than 13 euros per month. Hurry before it’s too late!

Bouygues Telecom hits hard at the start of the year. All the operator’s B&You packages are entitled to mini prices, there is something for everyone. Corn the B&You 70 GB package at 12.99 euros per month is undoubtedly the most interesting !

But you will have to be quick and reactive because these offers are fleeting. After Tuesday evening, they will have passed under your nose…

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A B&You 70 GB package at less than 13 euros per month to seduce us

Here’s a great way to start the year. Bouygues Telecom allows you to fill up on gigas at the best price with the low price of its B&You 70 GB package.

For only 12.99 euros per month, it includes 70 GB of internet in France, including 12 GB in the European Union and the overseas departments, as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. We assure you, this is one of the best offers on the market and it would be a shame to miss it.

Even better, all B&You packages are without engagement. Freedom is yours! You can cancel your package whenever you want. But with such a high quality network and such attractive prices, Bouygues Telecom has solid arguments to make you stay.

B&You packages at low prices, for all needs and budgets

We don’t all have the same desires, the same needs or the same budgets. Thus, Bouygues Telecom sacrifices the price of all of its B&You mobile plans. Everyone finds his account. Be careful, all these mind-blowing offers end Tuesday evening.

If 70GB isn’t enough for you, that’s okay. Take it to the next level with the B&You 100 GB mobile plan at 14.99 euros. It therefore includes 100 GB of internet in France, of which 15 GB can be used in Europe and the overseas departments, and always unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

You can also switch to 130 GB of internet for 18.99 euros per month, enough to satisfy your appetite for data. You are entitled to 20 GB usable in Europe and the overseas departments and, again, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

If you don’t want to go over the ten euro monthly mark, the B&You 40 GB package at 9.99 euros per month is ideal : you benefit from 40 GB of internet in France, of which 16 GB can be used in the EU and the overseas departments. This time too, you are entitled to unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

Finally, for really tight budgets (or those with small gigabytes needs), the B&You 5 GB plan is made for you, at 4.99 euros per month. And you still have unlimited calls, SMS and MMs.

Namely that 5G is available from B&You at 24.99 euros per month. The package includes 130 GB of internet in 5G or 4G, of which 20 GB can be used abroad and unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

To take advantage of these incredible offers before Tuesday evening, it’s right here:

See B&You packages

B&You: low prices, high network quality

For ten years, Bouygues Telecom has offered mobile plans at very attractive prices and without commitment: B&You. Jackpot for the operator who has managed to win over and retain millions of customers all over France. And who says no-commitment packages says neat network quality from Bouygues Telecom. Otherwise, the operator risks losing its customers…

It is not for nothing that Bouygues Telecom has been in second place in the ranking of the best mobile networks according to ARCEP for many years. This authority takes into account the speed, quality and coverage of the network. Low prices, quality network and attentive customer service, here is how to sum up B&You.

As B&You mobile plans are available exclusively online, a few clicks are enough to subscribe to the best mobile plan of the moment. From your web customer area or the mobile application, you can manage your customer account very simply. You can even modulate according to your needs.

If you want to keep your current phone number, that’s totally possible. You just need to retrieve your RIO number at 3179 and indicate it when subscribing to the B&You mobile plan. As a bonus, Bouygues Telecom terminates free your old plan.

To discover all the B&You mobile plans at low prices, it’s before this tuesday january 25 and over here:

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