How to turn your photos into anime easily

Are you a declared fan of anime and everything related to this world of Japanese culture? If so, surely you know that there are different web pages and mobile apps that can reach to modify your face and give it thousands of aspects.

We are well aware of applications such as FaceApp or Voilà AI Artist, which can transform you into an elderly person or a classic Pixar drawing. As well, this time we have Selfie2Anime, a website that allows you to create anime portraits based on your selfies.

That’s right, if you thought that there was no kind of tool that would help you become an anime character, then you were completely wrong. And it is that with Selfie2Anime you can convert your selfies into anime at a quality that, to be honest, is quite decent, although it must also be said that It depends a lot on the photo you are going to transform.

The operation of this web page is the simplest that you can find, but as to obtain a good result you have to do things right, then you will be seeing the steps to follow to make conversions as quick and easy as possible.

So you can turn your selfies into animes with Selfie2Anime

– First of all, open Selfie2Anime in the web browser of your mobile or computer.
– Being inside the page, click on the big picture of the pink cloud that says Upload a Selfie.
– Once you have done it, the file manager of your mobile or PC will be displayed to choose the selfie that you are going to use.
– Select the photo, cut the size with the editor provided by the page and click on Turn me into Anime!.
– The website says that this will take a moment, plus you will have to enter your email address, which is where the anime link will be sent. Click on Upload and ready.

When you are done with this, open your mail then and access the last file received to be able to see the final result of the selfies. And that’s it, so everything will take just a few minutes of your time.

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