company and unions in positions far removed 48 hours from the deadline

scarcely 48 hours to expire the stipulated term To this end, the management of the Ford plant in Almussafes (Valencia) and its workers they can’t reach an agreement to give final form to the adjustment plan that they have to present to Ford Europe in order to achieve assigning two electric models.

as collected the Levante newspaper, the last meeting that both parties had scheduled for yesterday was canceled out of hand.

On one side Ford continues betting on cuts salary for this year. On the other hand, the tension between the unions is growing by the minute. UGT, which is the majority, has opened the possibility to negotiate “a wage restraint” (which does not lower) after the last meeting between the parties. The minority unions flatly reject any “step backwards”.

Postures couldn’t be further apart


Last week the company promised to pay the increase in the CPI of 2021, which stands at 7% and translates into the same increase in workers’ wages as agreed in the collective agreement. But he also warned that the critical situation they drag for months forced to increase working time already agree on new conditions for this year.

At the next meeting (the eleventh), the management of the factory already put on the table that in order to carry out an agreement capable of convincing the multinational that Almussafes was profitable and competitive to produce electric models, compared to its “twin” factory in Saarlouis (Germany), wants cut wages by 10%, remove a week of vacation Y extend the sessions by half an hour labor.

The unions’ response was swift and although the UGT (with more than 95% membership in the Valencian factory) did not close negotiate wage freezes for the next three years, “as long as they receive the award of new electrified models that they can manufacture”, the minority unions for now reject any recoil (both at the salary level and in the reduction of vacations or the increase in the working day).


According to the UGT spokesman at the plant, Jose Luis Parra, they are willing to negotiate with the contract for the two new electric models because this would mean “ensuring work for the next 15 years.” The union’s proposal is aimed at agreeing on a three-year wage freeze and two others in which salaries would be reviewed based on the CPI but without consolidation in the salary tables.

These worker concessions for the next few years (until 2025) are based on the fact that it will be the most complicated time for the factory, even receiving the award of the electrical ones. Until the new models began to be manufactured, models that already have an expiration date such as the Mondeo or a large part of the Transit range would be discontinued.

We will have to wait until the next day 27 to know if the future of the Valencian plant and that of its workers is clearing up.

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