Google Docs now allows you to add text as a watermark

Google Docs is adding an interesting and practical update.

From now on, users will be able to add text watermark to their documents very simply and without complicating themselves with too many options.

How to Add a Watermark in Google Docs

A few months ago, Google Docs added the possibility of adding an image as a watermark in our documents. Yes, the possibility of use an image as a watermark, remaining in the background below the text.

And now the option to add a text watermark in our documents is added. The dynamics to use this option is simple, you just have to open your document, search the top menu for “Insert” and scroll to “Watermark”.

You will see a sidebar for “Watermark” open with the two options available: image and text. So you just have to choose “Text”, and as you see in the image above, you have to write the word or phrase that will become your watermark.

You can choose the font, the font size, the format, the level of transparency, if you want it to be displayed horizontally or vertically, among other details. All the changes that you are making will be shown in real time on the document.

And of course, the watermark with your text will be displayed on all pages of the document. And if later, you decide that you want to change the text or some detail, you can do it without problems and it will be automatically implemented throughout the document.

An interesting detail that the Google team mentions is that if you import a Word document with a (text) watermark, it will be preserved when you move it to Documents. And of course it will be preserved when you export the file.

A simple dynamic, whether you want to add a watermark with your company name or motto, or if you want to qualify the document as “Confidential” or “Draft” when you share it with your team.

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