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Last summer Elon Musk announced that the Tesla Cybertruck definitive will be practically identical to the one presented. And now there are new images of this long-awaited and controversial electric pick-up that would confirm his words.

in these leaked photos We could be facing the definitive Cybertruck or a fairly advanced prototype. They have been taken at the Fremont factory and show the truck in front and side views. In addition, there has also been a published video that runs through his face.

The Tesla Cybertruck, which has been delayed multiple times, is not expected to in production until the first quarter of 2023. However, Tesla is not free of ups and downs: this week the brand will reveal its plans for the models of the immediate future and perhaps then we will be able to clear up unknowns.

Around with the tires, the exterior mirrors and the windshield wipers

Up to four images of the Tesla Cybertruck show the lines of the truck without camouflage, which to date we had been able to see on video performing tests. These photographs have been published by the teslacybertruck Instagram account as well as on the truck owners forum.

In them we see the Cybertruck, so cyberpunk as always, with those edged and avant-garde forms that love or hate each other without middle ground. However, they also reveal the design of some elements that could well be definitive.

For example, the tires, in which aerodynamic covers disappear that equipped the prototype when it was presented. They resemble those of the Model 3 without the covers in the case of the 17-inch Aero option, which might lead us to infer that it could be equipped with removable covers. Be that as it may, they seem the same as the ones we saw in the leaked video in December.

And in fact there are several elements that we can see in these photographs that were already present in the aforementioned video recorded by drone flight on a test track at the Fremont plant. For example, conventional rear view mirrors, which we knew was finally going to take the production model because digital ones are not allowed by US regulation.

Nevertheless, Musk already confirmed that they would be removable so that they can be removed and replaced by cameras when the regulations allow it. In addition, these digital mirrors are legal in other markets such as Europe, which is why Tesla has designed them to be removed and put on surely to equip it with this technology where it is allowed.

And the other component that we see in these images is a gigantic windshield wiper. One item that Musk pointed out it was giving them headaches, because it must be huge to cover the front window.

The CEO of the firm pointed out at the time that a solution is that outside removable and that so that it could be stored in the box, which doesn’t seem very useful if it suddenly rains. Another option was to replace it with the laser beam system that has already been patented the brand.

Be that as it may, here we see a large brush and little else, which adds up to a large slightly curved glass surface, compared to the completely flat windshield of the prototype.

Finally, in these new leaks it can be seen that the Tesla Cybertruck will not have handles on the doors, not even embedded flush with the bodywork as is the case with other models of the brand. This had also been confirmed by Tesla, anticipating that will have a ‘hands-free’ opening system, that will recognize the driver when approaching with the “key” to open the doors.

Unknowns still to be solved and what we already know about the Tesla Cybertruck

Other than these items, there doesn’t seem to be much change from the prototype. It is also not appreciable if it is smaller than the concept or not, since perspective plays tricks. Recently rumors suggested that the pick-up would have two sizes, one being huge and the other more restrained.

At first glance there are doubts that still cannot be answered. What if it will have deformable zones in its 30X Ultra-Hard stainless steel ‘Exoskeleton’, to protect vulnerable users in the event of an impact, as required by European regulations. Nor if it will have the necessary assistance systems for approval on this side of the pond.

But given that for the start of its production in theory, one year surely these unknowns will be cleared up.

Tesla Cybertruck concept

The Tesla Cybertruck prototype presented in 2019.

The interior has not been shown in these images, but we already know that it will have a traditional round steering wheel, and not competition style like the prototype, or conventional seats in the rear bench, while in the front the central one will be folding.

From the Tesla Cybertruck we also know that It will have versions of one, two and three engines, being either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive as with the rest of the Tesla. Its announced autonomy ranges between 402km and 805km depending on the variant and will have a four-wheel steering system like its rival, the electric Hummer.

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