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The Faconauto dealer association has warned that the strike called by the Platform for the Defense of the Transport of Goods is interfering with activity of dealers, mainly in the supply of parts.

A few days ago the Volkswagen factory in Navarra had to stop for this reason, as well as Bridgestone at its plant in Santander and Ford in Almussafes (Valencia).

According to Faconauto, the strike in the transport sector is preventing the normal development of work in its workshops and increasing the general delay in the supply of vehicles.

“This situation represents a new threat to the recovery of the automotive market, already highly affected by the lack of stock and consumer uncertainty,” the employers said in a press release.

Faconauto calls for “consensus” to end the conflict and warns that the price of fuel “is putting off a lot of buyers
to change cars.

The stoppage of part of the carriers has caused both Volkswagen and Bridgestone to decide to open their factories this past Monday due to the lack of necessary semiconductors, components and raw materials.

At the moment, neither tax credit of 500 million euros for fuel offered by the Governmentnor the return of ‘professional diesel’ on a monthly basis (and not quarterly as now) as well as the publication of prices on a weekly basis -and not monthly-, have served to call off the strike Platform for the Defense of the Transport of Goods by National and International Highway.

At the same time, negotiations continue between the Government and the Spanish Confederation of Freight Transport, which advocates ending strikes and “cushion the impact of prices by making use of the approved measures.”

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