25 cents less on petrol and diesel: energy companies will pay

The Draghi Government seems to have found the right agreement for lower the price of gasoline and dieselin this particular moment when everything seems out of control. There will be a discount of 25 cents per liter.

In recent weeks it has been mainly ordinary citizens a pay the expensive bills and the expensive fuelhowever, now the energy companies will have to put a hand to their wallets and help the population: the Draghi Government has in fact decided to set up a 10% tax on extra profits of companies in the energy sector, obtained precisely with the rise in prices.

In this way petrol and diesel will drop by 25 cents per liter at the pump, thus also the gas and energy bills will be partially cut, in such a way as to bring savings to 5.2 million Italian families and to companies that are currently in difficulty. The reason for this choice is very simple: Draghi has decided to make companies pay because he found it absurd to see such increases in a period of so much uncertainty.

Paraphrasing, the Premier would have said that it is not possible to tolerate that the Government in a moment of national and international emergency is unable to ascertain whether behind the price increase there was speculation or not by energy companies. Companies that will now pay 10% tax on 40 billion euros of extra profits. In total, it will be a € 4.4 billion maneuver.

In the meantime, we recall that several companies have cut the price of fuels, IP cut 10 cents per liter on gasoline and dieselother companies like Eni cut by 5 cents.

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