Aqara Radiator Thermostat E1 for HomeKit revealed

A smart E1 radiator thermostat has now also appeared for the Smart Home System from Aqara, which also supports HomeKit.

Aqara will soon also be on the road with smart thermostats

Aqara is increasingly becoming a comprehensive smart home system and is gradually adding more and more products to its range for a wide variety of applications. Brand new is now a smart thermostat, which the colleagues from SmartApfel could discover in the first pictures.

Image source: SmartApple

As you can see in the picture, the Aqara thermostat has a display on the front, on which the set temperature can be read. You can also see that the temperature can probably be adjusted by a rotating ring.

Like most Aqara products, the E1 thermostat should also support HomeKit, which of course makes it particularly interesting for many users. Of course, the asking price is exciting and whether the device is also intended for the European market. However, I am pretty sure of the latter. I have already asked Aqara if there is more information about the E1 thermostat. As soon as I know more, there will of course be an update here!

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