Buy a vacuum robot with a suction station or without?

Vacuum robots with suction stations are among the major trends in the field of household robots. In the meantime, almost all relevant manufacturers have corresponding products in their range or at least announced them. The stations are comfortable, but is it worth the extra cost?

Vacuum robots are usually equipped with a rather small container in which the dust is collected during the cleaning process. Depending on how dirty the floor is, the container must be emptied every one to two weeks. With a vacuum robot with a suction station, the dust is sucked out of the vacuum robot into the station after the cleaning process and collected there in a dust bag. The bag, in turn, only needs to be emptied after about six weeks. The vacuum robot can therefore do its work independently for much longer without the owner having to intervene manually – at least that’s the theory. In everyday life, the vacuum robots often still need human support – even if they are equipped with a suction station:

  • Before cleaning, the floor must be cleared.
  • The roller and cleaning brush must be cleaned regularly.
  • If you want to use the wiping function, you have to fill up the water tank regularly (although there are already suction stations that can do this work).

In addition, the extraction stations are very noisy, at least for a few seconds: After cleaning, the dust has to be sucked out of the robot into the station. The noise level is roughly comparable to the noise of a classic vacuum cleaner. Anyone who works in the home office, for example, can feel disturbed by the noise.

The dust bags in the extraction stations absorb several liters of dirt and therefore rarely have to be emptied.

Nevertheless: A suction station undoubtedly increases comfort and is particularly suitable for people who are allergic to dust. The question remains: Should I buy a vacuum robot with a suction station or without? Here is an overview of the main advantages and disadvantages.

Vacuum robot with suction station: the advantages and disadvantages


  • Greater convenience: the suction station only needs to be emptied every few weeks
  • Allergy sufferers avoid contact with dust
  • Premium models also clean and dry the robot’s wipe and refill with fresh water – this offers even more convenience


  • Vacuum robots with suction stations are more expensive than the variants without
  • There are follow-up costs for the dust bags (but there are already suction stations with a dust container instead of a bag)
  • The environmental impact is greater: there is additional waste due to the dust bags
  • Vacuum stations are quite noisy (for a few seconds) when the dust is sucked out of the robot into the station

Everyone has to decide for themselves whether the gain in comfort justifies the higher acquisition and follow-up costs.

If you decide on a vacuum robot with a suction station, you should consider the following criteria when making your selection:

  • How expensive are the dust bags? Are suitable bags only offered by the manufacturer or also by other companies?
  • Some suction stations have a dust container instead of a dust bag. This is more sustainable and easy on your wallet, as follow-up costs are avoided (see e.g.: Emptying station for the Roborock S7 works without a dust bag).
  • What is the capacity of the suction station? The following applies here: the bigger, the better, so that the dust bag does not have to be changed as often.
  • Some current premium models, such as the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, have suction stations, which are also equipped with tanks for waste water and fresh water. If you want to have your mop wet frequently, the (additional) surcharge for such a model can make sense.

On HouseControllers we have tested two vacuum robots with a suction station in the past few weeks:

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