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On March 28, AliExpress celebrates its anniversary by kicking off its second biggest shopping event after the Double 11!

This year, AliExpress is once again bringing out the big game for its anniversary! For 5 days (March 28, 9 a.m. to April 2, 9 a.m.), huge discounts on the best products of the moment will follow one another and there will be great deals to be had!

Discover the offers on AliExpress

Unbeatable AliExpress Birthday Deals

Don’t wait until the last moment and take advantage of it today! Earn here and there on the AliExpress site many discount coupons that will allow you to lower the price of the items in your shopping cart. Note the discount codes below, but there will also be coupons to be collected directly on the product page on D-Day and which you can of course accumulate!

How does AliExpress birthday work?

As always, AliExpress organizes this event in a rather original way. During the 5 days before the operation (from March 23), the site explicitly announces all the discounts that will take place on March 28 at 9:00 a.m. It is therefore preferable to fill your basket beforehand with the products you want, to be sure to benefit from the best reductions. Indeed, at these prices, it will go very quickly.

Here are the codes to remember that will be valid from March 28 at 9 a.m.

Discover the offers on AliExpress

CODE Rising
328FR01 1€ discount from 5€ of purchase
328FR04 4€ discount from 20€ of purchase
328FR07 7€ discount from 50€ of purchase
328FR15 15€ discount from 110€ of purchase
328FR22 22€ discount from 149€ of purchase
328FR30 30€ discount from 199€ of purchase
328FR45 45€ discount from 299€ of purchase
328FR60 60€ discount from 399€ of purchase
JDG15 (exclusive code) 15€ discount from 110€ of purchase

Top 10 Best AliExpress Deals

Covid-19 has disrupted consumer habits in terms of products. Since April 2020, global sales of tablets, e-scooters, smartwatches, televisions and mobile phones have increased significantly on AliExpress, going up to more than double for scooters and electric bikes in this period! These products are likely to continue to benefit from their success during this event and are among the star products by taking advantage of strong reductions. With regard to large products, such as furniture, for which AliExpress also notices increased interest, cross-border logistics has been improved. Now, with just one click and at affordable shipping prices, heavy items like beds or even motorbikes can be transported to foreign retailers!

Discover the offers on AliExpress

Faster delivery at AliExpress

For its anniversary, Aliexpress guarantees all its users a smooth shopping experience thanks to a delivery that is both fast and efficient, either 10 days for all cross-border deliveries or 3 days for local deliveries. AliExpress even promises to reimburse its customers in the event of delays for orders shipped from selection warehouses located in China and overseas warehouses operated by Cainiao!

That’s why Cainiao recently launched parcel sorting centers in France, as well as in Spain, Germany and Italy, which AliExpress consumers can benefit from. The subsidiary also has local warehouses near Paris, Madrid, Bremen and Rome and has just equipped the first three with automatic sorting machines, produced by European companies. The four centers currently have a combined sorting capacity of around half a million parcels per day, a number that is close to doubling. The center located in Ile-de-France, which has enabled the creation of 30 local jobs, alone reaches a combined sorting capacity of approximately 18,000 parcels per day.

The parcels will be delivered to the centers by trucks from the Cainiao warehouse in Liège, or from neighboring airports, to then be sorted according to their final destination. Once ready to leave, they will be transported by smaller trucks to their respective destinations to proceed with the so-called “last mile” delivery.

VAT included on all products

Since last summer, AliExpress has been selling its products including VAT in the displayed price, to comply with current French legislation. There is therefore now very little risk of having the famous “customs fees” when you receive a product, especially since AliExpress has developed a huge network of warehouses in Europe.

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