Electric cars from Xiaomi: the manufacturer is said to be working on four models from 21,500 euros


Xiaomi continues to work on entering the automotive market. Now an insider has learned new details about it. A total of four models are planned.

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun personally takes care of the manufacturer's vehicle business.

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun personally takes care of the manufacturer’s vehicle business. (Source: ChinaImages/depositphotos.com)

  • Xiaomi offers products in a wide variety of segments.
  • In addition to smartphones, household appliances and much more, the company now also wants to sell e-cars.
  • According to new information, four models will appear in the next few years.

Most people think of the name Xiaomi probably to mobile phones or household appliances. That could change in the future. In recent years, the manufacturer has often announced that it will enter the automotive market. Exactly like Sony. This project is now taking concrete shape.

A report by the Chinese car magazine Auto Bit According to Xiaomi, it wants four different ones in the next few years electric cars introduce and sell.

The focus seems to be primarily on the lower and middle price segment. Two of the models should be priced at the equivalent of between 21,500 euros and 28,500 euros, while the other two cars should cost between 29,000 euros and 43,000 euros.

The report, which refers to an unidentified insider, also reveals some technical details. That’s how they should cheap cars can master level 2 autonomous driving, while the more expensive models offer level 3.

A starting price of the equivalent of 21,500 euros before subsidies seems at least ambitious. had to Tesla recently put its $25,000 electric car on hold.

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