Finally! Elon Musk inaugurates the Berlin Gigafactory to deliver the first Tesla Model Y manufactured in Europe

Tesla begins a new stage in Europe with the launch of its Berlin gigafactory, the brand’s first plant in the Old Continent. After a thousand and one delays at the expense of the bureaucracy, the Model Y They are starting to assemble.

Own Elon Musk participated in the inauguration, personally delivering the first 30 units finished to their buyers. All of this under the watchful eye of Foreign Minister Olaf Scholz and his Economy Minister Robert Habeck, who attended on behalf of the german government.

The end of one challenge and the beginning of another

In his brief speech, Musk began by reaffirming tesla pledge with the Berlin region: “Tesla will make sure that this [fábrica] be a diamond in the rough for the area, for Germany and for the world”.

Some words that, pronounced in front of the invited politicians, seem to sign the armistice after what has been a real bureaucratic battle between the Californian company and the german executive.

Not surprisingly, the construction of the Gigafactory itself suffered a large number of stoppages and correctionsdue to the opposition of several environmental groups that sued the brand for the environmental impact of the works.

Tesla Gigafactory

But with the completion of the latter in October, there was still the approval to start assembling the cars. After more than five months negotiating with the authorities of the state of Brandenburg, Tesla finally managed to put everything in order. It’s no wonder, therefore, that Musk was overjoyed at the kickoff party.

Now, the German Gigafactory faces the challenge of achieving a production capacity of 500,000 units per year. To do this, it has gigantic production lines that occupy 227,000 m² and house a workforce of 12,000 workers.

Also, in a second phase, this plant will dedicate part of its facilities to the cell manufacturing for batteries. The latter opens the possibility that, in the medium or long term, European Model Ys will also equip the new 4680 cells that already incorporate those assembled in the Texas Gigafactory.

Photo | Tesla world podcast

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