heart-stopping! When a wind turbine becomes the most spectacular spot to ride a bike

The wind turbines or windmills that produce energy when the wind moves their blades are true giants that impress with their size, which can reach 50 m high, with blades up to 20 m long. If seeing them up close is already overwhelming, imagine what it will be like to get on one of their shovels… by bicycle.

It seems unthinkable, but it has already been done: one of the most popular videos on TikTok in the last week it shows a drone view to the intrepid Danny MacAskill performing one of his most extreme stunts: riding his bike on the blade of a wind turbine at the Alveston wind farm in his native Scotland.

An extreme feat for a good cause

Although the clip that has been published from the @matadornetwork account on TikTok is the one that has been going viral in recent days, the images that show specialist Danny MacAskill calmly pedaling along a turbine blade are actually a snippet of a video original that the same cyclist uploaded to YouTube last October 2021, on the occasion of the climate summit COP26.

The cyclist, who in 2012 had the honor of bear the olympic torch in glasgowtook on the daring challenge in an effort to show “what percentage of the planet’s electricity comes from renewable sources like wind” in the days leading up to the summit.

Thus, MacAskill completed 29 tricks before COP26 to show that 29% of the planet’s electricity is generated from renewables. The objective of this and other previous videos that showed how he had prepared the challenge was to draw the attention of the youngest and make them aware of new ways of moving to be more sustainable.

In this sense, as collected at the time el Daily Mail“perhaps after the pandemic it will be the right time to change our lifestyle: I think people are going to have to start making sacrifices in how they move and what they’re consuming,” MacAskill said.

The impressive recording that leaves us breathless for a few minutes shows the specialist calmly pedaling along the blade, logically stopped for the occasion.

We can also see him performing some of the dangerous tricks and acrobatics that he has already accustomed us to in the moments before getting on the turbine. at the Britwind warehouse in Stroud (Scotland), where the giants of the Alveston wind farm are manufactured and repaired.

We have already seen the cyclist push himself to the limit on more than one occasion at the hands of Red Bull, but doing so at 50 meters high It’s another matter, because as MacAskill himself declared at the time, “it was so high that it seemed like it wasn’t real.”

In addition, we have to take into account the added difficulty of doing it on the surface of one of these blades, since “fiberglass and bicycle tires don’t mix very well: it is very slippery”.

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