Honor has brought a new wireless headset to Hungary

Honor Choice Earbuds X promises 28 hours of uptime and enhanced sound.

Black (night black) and white (glacier white), the Honor Choice Earbuds X wireless headset is available in Hungary today predecessor it offers its work, i.e. long operating time, relatively cheaply, but the novice is no longer with an in-ear design. THE Choice Earbuds X will be sold in Hungary at a price of HUF 17,390 at eMag, Euronics, Media Markt, and Telekom and(z once Telenor) At Yettel.


A fülhallgató fehérben és feketében.A fülhallgató fehérben és feketében.A fülhallgató fehérben és feketében. The earphones are white and black. (source: Honor) [+]

The design of the earlobe sits in the cochlea, open (semi in-ear), they are 3.3 centimeters long and weigh 4.3 grams per ear. The earphones measure 33 x 17.4 x 18.4 millimeters and have a curvature of 13 degrees, so the manufacturer says it sits in every ear naturally. The case is 60 x 45.9 x 23.6 millimeters for the white model and black is 61 x 46.9 x 24.6 millimeters for some reason. The headset has a touchpad that allows you to answer and control the headset by tapping or holding your finger on it. The design of the earphones is IPX4 compliant, so they are not damaged by sweat or light rain.

The box of black earphones is bigger.The box of black earphones is bigger.The box of black earphones is bigger. The box of black earphones is bigger. (source: Honor) [+]

With one charge, Honor promises 6 hours of continuous music playback (50% volume on the AAC codec) or 4 hours of telephony, with the Oval Charging Case providing 28 hours of power on the Choice Earbuds X. 40 milliampere batteries per earphone, 500 mAh . During calls, two microphones work together with an artificial intelligence to reduce noise. Sounds are provided by a 12-millimeter dynamic drive and copper-clad aluminum fittings, and the manufacturer says deep bass and a wide range of sounds. Codec support is limited to AAC and SBC common in the price segment.

Így néz k a Choice Earbuds X hangkeltője.
This is how the Choice Earbuds X sound generator looks. (source: Honor) [+]

The connection to the signal source is via Bluetooth 5.2, according to Honor, no interference can be found in crowded places such as public transport or a shopping mall. The manufacturer says connecting is quick and easy, but Google or Windows Fast Pair aren’t listed in the product description, so these methods may not be supported by the device. There is a game-optimized mode, this must be activated manually and reduces the delay between the phone and the headset to 125 milliseconds. In addition to the earphones, the box contains a USB-C charging cable to charge the cradle. The connector is on the bottom of the case, and an LED on the front of the media indicates the current charge or if the device should be submerged.

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