Madrid will activate aid of up to 8,500 euros for the purchase of new electric cars in April and up to 2,500 for gasoline and diesel

The Madrid City Council has just announced that next april begins a new edition of the ‘Plan Change 360′ which includes a line aid for the purchase of new vehicleswhose endowment is €10.5 million. With this endowment, the amount reserved for the same line that was activated last year And it sold out in minutes.

Unlike state purchase aids, such as those established by the Plan MOVES III (aimed at the purchase of plug-in and electric hybrids), these purchase aids are intended for Madrid residents who renew their vehicle for a less polluting one either electric or combustion.

How and when can these purchase aids be requested?

Depending on the type of car in question, these grants will have a different endowment. Thus, it will be possible to perceive up to 8,500 euros for the purchase of a new vehicle zero emissions and 5,500 euros maximum for one ECOand whenever a vehicle without an environmental label is scrapped.

In addition, for the purchase of vehicles with a C label, 2,500 euros may be received whenever a vehicle without a label is delivered for scrapping. In order to apply for these aids, they are mandatory requirements be registered in Madrid and pay the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles (IVTM) in the capital.

The Environment and Mobility Area, which is directed by Borja Carabante, maintains in 2022 all the aid lines of 2021, except those destined to the change of coal boilers (prohibited since last January 1), and creates a new eligible area: the ‘terraces without emissions’.

In total, the Plan will have an endowment of €20 million. The budget of the Cambia 360 Plan that grows the most this year compared to the previous one is the one aimed at Madrid residents who buy a new car “with low or zero emissions”.


The purchase aids are the same as in the previous edition: up to 6,000 euros for the acquisition of a new zero emission vehicle and 3,000 euros for one with ECO label. Amounts that would increase in An additional 2,500 euros if a vehicle is scrapped without environmental label: that is, a vehicle with a gasoline engine registered before the year 2000 or a diesel with registration prior to the year 2006.

Refering to purchase of vehicles with label C A maximum of 2,500 euros may be received and provided that, in a mandatory manner, a vehicle without an environmental label is delivered for scrapping.

Likewise, we must point out that all these quantities can be increased by 10% if certain personal circumstances of the beneficiary concur (large family or disability with reduced mobility).

In order to benefit from these grants, individuals who wish to request them must make the request through the dealer or point of sale in which they are going to acquire the vehicle, which must have previously subscribed to the program through the plan official website.

These grants, which are compatible with other grants, can be requested from the beginning of April and there will be a month to be eligible for funding.

The collaborating entity will proceed to the payment of each subsidy from the moment it receives, correctly, the justification of each beneficiary in the established terms. The deadline to receive the aid will range from one to five monthsdepending on the date the vehicle is delivered to the buyer.

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