Netflix brings new games to iOS and Android

Netflix is ​​expanding its catalog of games with new proposals. Three new options are added to iOS and Android so that users can have their games without leaving the app.

This new selection takes off from the previous proposals, and you will find many challenges of survival, action and zombies.

Netflix adds three new games to its apps

Netflix continues betting on games in its app. And while not all the available options are attractive, they may fulfill the objective of distracting you for a couple of hours.

However, the new Netflix proposal may surprise many, since it moves away from the previous options. Is about Into The Dead 2: Unleashed. So if shooters, survival challenges and the walking dead are your thing, you’ll spend hours and hours on this Netflix proposal.

Other proposals are Shatter Remastered. A retro style brick breaker game that promises plenty of action as you progress through the levels. You can choose between four game modes, depending on the dynamics you want to follow or the objectives of your games.

And the third option is This Is a True Story. It is about the challenges that a sub-Saharan woman must face to get water for her family. She has various styles of games that offer you to find hidden games, put together puzzles, among other options.

In addition to the multiple challenges that the protagonist has to overcome, the game surprises with hand-painted landscapes. So Netflix is ​​adding two PikPok games and a Frosty Pop offering.

Remember that to play any of the games offered Netflix too easy. Just open the app and look for the “Games” section to see all the available options. When you choose a game, Netflix will take you to Google Play to download.

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