Nothing announces its first smartphone with Nothing OS

During a virtual conference, Nothing confirmed the arrival of its first smartphone. Powered by a Snapdragon processor, the phone (1) will be equipped with Nothing OS.

It’s the big day for Nothing, which has just confirmed the launch of its first smartphone. Highly anticipated, the phone (1) is the second product from the young brand co-founded by Carl Pei and Akis Evangelidis. These two former OnePlus had promised to tell “The truth” during the virtual conference Nothing (event): The Truth held on March 23. As a reminder, Nothing has already launched the ear (1)true wireless headphones with active noise reduction.

The manufacturer has finally confirmed the launch of a first phone and it is necessary, for the time being, to be content with meager information. Nothing is content to explain that his phone (1) embeds a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and will run under Nothing OS. Built on an ecosystem “open and homogeneous”this operating system promises to integrate ” without difficulty “ Nothing appliances and those of other brands. The firm assures us that Nothing OS has the “best of pure Android experience” and seeks to bring the operating system back to basics.

This approach notably involves speed and fluidity, but also consistency with the brand’s devices. “The hardware of Nothing products also integrates seamlessly with the software with custom fonts, colors, graphics and sounds combined with a consistent interface”, explains Nothing. If the speech may seem vague, it will not take long to discover this new operating system.

A Nothing OS first preview is coming in April

The manufacturer announces that a first preview of Nothing OS will be available via its application launcher; for download on certain smartphones from April 2022. We expect to discover a refined overlay inspired by Android Stock; with elements highlighting the philosophy of the young company. Nothing already promises 3 years of OS updates and 4 years of security updates.

We remember that Carl Pei, CEO and co-founder of the brand, made a name for himself by co-founding the OnePlus brand. He left the company in 2020, after helping OnePlus rise through the ranks; thanks in particular to the OxygenOS overlay. Since his departure, the merger with Oppo has accelerated and is not without consequences for OnePlus. Its OxygenOs overlay is intended to be replaced in the coming months by a hybrid OS; taking the best of OxygenOS and ColorOS.

Nothing OS
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Carl Pei will undoubtedly be keen to demonstrate that there is still room for a new system. To achieve this, his company can count on a rather comfortable mattress to develop. Nothing has raised $144 million since inception; and the company does not intend to stop there. “Having raised $144 million, built a team of over 300 people, and secured the support of trusted partners like Qualcomm Technologies, Inc, we are ready for phone(1), a launch that will mark the start of change. in the dormant smartphone market »explains Carl Pei.

He adds : “We are also making a new round of community investment of $10 million, so our fans have the chance to be part of our journey against industry giants. »

When will the phone (1) of Nothing be released?

The phone (1) will be launched in the summer of 2022. Nothing promises to communicate ” more information “ concerning his first smartphone in the coming months.

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