Roborock G10S Pro – Ein Upgrade des Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is not yet really available in Germany, the company is already presenting a new, improved version of the vacuum robot in China. the Roborock G10S Pro has an additional hot air drying for the wipe and one automatic water changer.


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Technical data and accessories of the Roborock G10S Pro


Publication date/

Long35.3 cm

broad35.0 cm

height9.65 cm


suction power5100 pa

Volume of dust container

Volume of water tank


running time

Battery capacity5200 mAh

max. charging time

max. Saugdauer

Suction result in the test



Overcoming obstacles (90° edge)

navigation type

LDS (Laserdistanz)

wipe function

active water supply


3D Karte

Liftable wipe function

pets/a lot of hair

Live Kamera

Object detection (camera/laser)

Oscillating wipe function

suction wash station

Storage of multiple floors/maps

Carpet detection vacuum

Carpet detection Swipe

Virtual borders/no-go areas

Virtual space storage

Suitable for


carpeted floors

Over 100 sqm

The Roborock G10S will also be available in white / Image source: Xiaomiyoupin

Roborock G10S Pro comes with optional features

On the crowdfunding platform Xiaomiyoupin the Roborock G10S and the G10S Pro appeared today. In China it is apparently the successor to the Roborock G10, which never came onto the market in Germany. Visually, it is very similar to the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra and the technical data are almost the same. However, the G10S also has new features that the S7 MaxV Ultra does not have.

Do we see automatic filling via a water connection here? / Image Source: Xiaomiyoupin

The first innovation is this hot air drying of the wipe after cleaning. A feature that is unfortunately not on board with the S7 MaxV Ultra. Also new is an automatic water changer, but I’m not entirely sure how it works. From the product image above, it looks like this one comes with a connected to a permanent water supply can become. This would be a further step towards autonomous cleaning. Roborock calls the base station system “5 + 2“. The fifth stands for the basic functions of vacuuming, wiping, cleaning in the base, filling up with water and sterilizing the water. The two stands for the optional functions hot air drying and water change.

The Roborock G10S Pro also uses infrared fill light in the dark / Image source: Xiaomiyoupin

Differences in object detection in the Pro version

On the data sheet, there are generally many similarities between the Roborock G10S and G10S Pro. The differences apparently lie in the functions of the Reactive AI 2.0, which offers more possibilities with the G10S Pro. The Pro version shows photos of detected obstacles in the app, the G10S only shows the type of obstacle. The G10S Pro also uses additional ones infrared fill light for navigating in dark environments, the G10S “only” has an LED light. In contrast to the G10S, the G10S Pro also offers the possibility of video calling about the camera.

Video telephony via the vacuum robot? Do you need that? / Image Source: Xiaomiyoupin

My assessment of the Roborock G10S Pro

As already mentioned, the Roborock G10S Pro looks like a kind of improved successor to the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra. Since the G10 was never available in Germany, the G10S series will probably not appear in this country either. However, the new features show a preview of future Roborock models, because a lot of users actually want a drying function. I will still research whether the G10S Pro can really be connected to a fixed water connection or what else the water changer is all about.

In terms of price, the G10S in China is around 812 euros and the Roborock G10S Pro is just under 970 euros. Experience has shown that new models with corresponding features will be significantly more expensive in Germany. What do you think of the G10S series and the new features?

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