Snap (from Snapchat) goes a step further with augmented reality with this acquisition

With an eye on the future, where augmented reality headsets are used on a daily basis like smartphones are now used, from Snap Inc, the parent company behind Snapchat, the RA Spectacles glasses, among other interesting projects, they just acquired French-based neurotech startup NextMindwithout the economic terms of the agreement having been disclosed for the time being.

The NextMind workers, about 20 in total, will remain working in France for the Snap Lab division, in charge of the hardware development of the RA Spectables glasses, with the idea that In the future, NextMind technology may be implemented in a future version of Spectacles..

Looking for easier interactions with Augmented Reality glasses

the technology of NextMind It consists of the non-invasive placement of sensors on the head to capture brain activity that allows, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, to achieve interactions with devices..

Snap tries to find one feasible way for users to interact with the glasses from Augmented realitybetting on the capture and monitoring of brain activity, the same bet that other technology companies such as Valve or Meta are also working on through different technologies.

In the case of Snap, it is the last of the acquisitions to date with an eye on hardware for augmented reality.

In this sense, the acquisition of WaveOptics, manufacturer of augmented reality screens, during the past year for 500 million dollars stands out, and already at the beginning of this, the acquisition of Compound Photonics, also specialized in screen technologies.

According to Snap announcement:

NextMind developed a non-invasive brain-computer interface (BCI) technology to enable easier hands-free interaction using electronic devices, including computers and wearables and AR/VR headsets. This technology monitors neural activity to understand your intent when interacting with a computer interface, allowing you to press a virtual button simply by focusing on it. This technology does not “read” thoughts or send signals to the brain.

As part of the acquisition, NextMind will stop selling its headband developer kit launched two years ago at a price of about $400.

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