Speechelo, speech generator from text. 5 things I liked and 5 things I didn’t

There are several ways to obtain an artificial voice by reading the text that we indicate. One of them we discussed yesterday in the article How to create a virtual character in three stepsanother is the use of specialized software on the subject that requires payment to test it.

This is Speechelo, a software known in the world of voice creation, of reading texts with exportation of audio in mp3.

On its website there are several demonstrations of voices that read texts, demonstrations that show how natural they can be, although it can lead to deception, since the price of 47 dollars that the software costs does not include these voices and other more artificial ones.

Let’s look at a list of things that I liked:

– They have several voices in several languages. There are lots of variety in the most expensive version, so we can create dialogues between several characters that read the texts that we indicate.
– Can include breaths and pauses in the text we write, so that reading is as natural as possible.
The interface is very simple. If we select the speechelo option in the left menu, we will quickly have access to a central text box and the option to choose languages ​​and voices on the right.
– No need to install anything, works on the web.
– Not being satisfied with the product, I have been able to open a ticket asking for the money back, and after two emails, they have proceeded to cancel my account and return the 47 dollars more taxation.

and what I didn’t like it:

There is no way to try it without payingnot even a simple audio.
$47 paid for the license without a time limit, there is no subscription, but that license is quite limited once we enter the program. On the speechelo page they don’t talk about those limits, they put 47 dollars as if it were a complete software, with phrases like “if you leave this page you will not see this offer again”, but on the same page they put voices that can only be obtained with the Pro version. It is false advertising.
– After paying, and before entering the program, it begins to appear a lot of advertising to subscribe monthly to the Pro version (which does give access to all the voices), to buy other programs on the same platform and acquire different licenses.
– After ignoring all the advertising, being very careful not to accidentally click on the wrong link and pay something unwanted, I enter the program for the first time and discover that in Spanish there are only two voices, and both quite artificial, very similar to those existing in free software such as To access advanced voices, which have artificial intelligence and promise to be more natural, you have to pay again, now yes, a monthly subscription, for the Pro version. Unfortunately they don’t let you try the Pro version before paying, so you don’t we know if the voice generated is really as natural as they promise. At this point I gave up, I didn’t pay for the Pro version to keep testing. Namely, $47 version is very limited.
– The version of 47 dollars has a limit of 2,000 characters, if we want to jump to 20,000 characters we have to go to the pro version. Logically, you can add paragraphs by dividing the text, but this consumes time and imposes limits.

As you can see, I do not recommend buying only the basic version, and the Pro, not having been able to test it without falling into a salty subscription, is still hidden between advertising pages that encourage the purchase without trying the product.

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