Spotify will bring its live audio room service to the main app

Spotify, like many other technological platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, among others, became infected by the fever for live audio room services on the Internet after Clubhouse burst onto the scene of social networks.

Thanks to this, he worked hard to launch his own equivalent service through an independent mobile application, called Spotify Greenroom, during the month of June of last year.

To get more visibility among users

Like the we got to commentSpotify Greenroom is based on Locker Room, a live audio room application developed by Betty Labs, a software development company that Spotify acquired a year ago.

Well, things have not gone as well as expected, so there are changes in strategy for Spotify Greenroom.

According to a report by Bloomberg, a medium that received official confirmation of the change after developer Steve Moser found it on the Spotify application for iOS, the room service audio Spotify Live will make the leap from its standalone app to start being available in the main Spotify app. Spotify under the name of Spotify Live, something that is expected to happen throughout the second quarter of this year.

It is likely that you will also need a Spotify account to use its live audio room service once it is integrated.

With this change in strategy, Spotify intends to give greater visibility to its live audio room service by taking it to its main application after months of slow growth that did not convince those responsible for the platform.

Integration with the main application, in addition to giving it greater visibility, may bring other advantages that it was not able to achieve in its stage as an independent application. It is already a matter of observing the evolution of this integrated service within Spotify.

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