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The BlitzWolf food processor is fantastically cheap

It is possible to live without a kitchen robot, but for those who rush and spin a lot in the kitchen, such a multifunctional device can be a great relief. The kneader and the blender are already found in every household where they like to bake and cook, but there are times when we buy a separate device for it, although combining the two is much better. The very appeal of the BlitzWolf BW-VB1 robot is that it has a lot of features, yet it doesn’t take up as much space as three different devices.

The kneading machine function is essential because of this we don’t have to knead the dough by hand, but the BW-VB1 will knead it to perfection on its own. You can put not only cake ingredients in your mixing bowl, but also salads and eggs because a mixing head and a whisk head are also added. On top we can put the blender “cup”, but we can also remove this, so it is enough to ask only if we use it. Also optional a meat grinder unitwhich is perhaps the least important feature, but it ‘s good to know that.

1500 watts an electric motor was put into the machine, and its speed is adjustable in eight steps. One LED display was on the side where you can see the set strength and timingbecause we can also set how long it works.

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