WhatsApp tests sending files of up to 2 GB: this is how it works

The continuous arrival of news on Telegram motivates continuous comparisons of the features offered by this platform with respect to those offered by WhatsApp, the messaging service owned by Meta Platforms, to its users.

Within these comparisons is the maximum size allowed for file shipments, where in the case of Telegram it is 2GB, while in the case of WhatsApp, they remain at a maximum of 100 MB.

As well, WhatsApp is testing increasing the limit to 2 GB too.

Currently limited to Argentina

However, The test is being carried out exclusively in Argentina, so that users from that market will now be able to send up to 2GB in size per file, being able to send them to any user, regardless of their location, anywhere in the world.both from the mobile application for Android or iOS, or even from the web or desktop version.

According to the publication The nationArgentina has the peculiarity of being a country with a considerable number of users, with a important variety of users and also of deviceswithout reaching the number of users from countries such as Brazil, which is why Argentina has been chosen for this test.

Although the maximum size increase allowed might not be seen as something important for many users, there is for it alternative optionsfrom WhatsApp if they consider it important, justifying the test in this way:

Why is this test important? Many times, the communication between users includes the sending of important files and documents. Whether you’re a small business that needs to send your vendors 100-page contracts, or a teacher who wants to share a ZIP file of study materials for her students, or a content creator who wants to send a multimedia presentation of PowerPoint to your co-workers, it will now be possible to do it within WhatsApp, without compromising the quality of the file.

At the moment there is no mention of taking this test to other countries, so we will have to wait for WhatsApp to express itself in this regard at a future time, also considering the technical difference in operation with respect to Telegram, which works 100%. on the cloud and offers unlimited storage in it, while WhatsApp users will have to wait for the files sent to be downloaded, the capacity of mobile networks and contracted rates also coming into play.

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