where is season 4 of YOU?

Joe is preparing his return, with the fourth season of his adventures on Netflix. Filming has officially started!

YOU proudly sits among the most popular series on Netflix. In three seasons, Joe Goldberg, camped by Penn Badgley, has established himself as a figurehead for the platform and does not intend to stop there. A few days before the release of the third burst of episodes, the red N announced that a fourth was already planned.

Good news for fans of the series created by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble, who will have another opportunity to dive into the tortured mind of this serial killer. But so far, it was still very difficult to know when this reunion would take place. Netflix provides some answers, officially announcing the start of filming.

All the teams are therefore working behind the scenes to bring this new season to life, which promises to set the bar even higher. Few plot details have been shared, but the previous season’s grand finale gives us some food for thought.


After getting rid of Love, Joe finally decided to abandon his son so that he could flourish in a loving family and above all less “cracky”. Relieved of his family obligations, the character sets out to conquer love in the most appropriate destination there is: Paris.

Indeed, still under the spell of Marienne, he decided to go looking for her in the French capital. He should thus find the character camped by Tati Gabrielle and who knows, spin the perfect love with her in France? Well, we’re not going to hide it, the chances of having a happy ending for Joe are rather slim.

If you wanted to glean clues from the books the series draws inspiration from, no luck, the writers have since season 3 strayed far from their source material. The good news, however, is that it is possible to discover a completely new plot on paper, in the new You Love Me (available only in English).

No release date yet

For the time being, it is very difficult to know when this new component will be broadcast on Netflix. The launch of filming gives us good hope of being able to find him again at the beginning of next year at the latest. To be continued…

Discover the new You Love Me

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