4 board games to brighten up your spring

This week, we’re taking out our sunglasses and testing 3 board games for all levels, which showcase nature.

This week is spring. The opportunity to take advantage of the first fine days of the year, but also to sit around a table on the terrace for a board game in the open air. With their luminous artistic direction and their fantastic creatures that smell like the forest, discover our summer selection for a walk in nature without leaving his gaming table.

Living Forest

Created by Aske Christiansen, illustrated by Apolline Étienne, edited by Ludonaute
From 2 to 4 players, from 8 years old, around 40 minutes (35€)

© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

What could be more logical to begin this selection than to (re)talk to you about Living Forest. In addition to having obtained the As d’Or 2022 in the Initiate category, this beautiful and intelligent board game is one of our favorites of the year. Skillfully mixing the deck building and the Stop or even, Living Forest is a visual slap, but also a very nice playful experience.

Apolline Étienne’s illustrations are incredible, and plunge us into the heart of a not-so-quiet dreamlike forest, which we take pleasure in rediscovering with each game. With his rich and balanced gameplay, the game is also surprisingly very accessible. A good point for those allergic to extended rules, who can embody a spirit of the forest without going through endless explanations.

Discover Living Forest

night flight

Created by the Chatfoin collective, illustrated by Maud Chalmel, published by 404 Éditions
From 2 to 5 players, from 12 years old, about 30 min (30€)

night flight board game
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Inspired by the novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, night flight is a beautiful cooperative game in which you play a team of pilots in charge of delivering postal parcels from Patagonia. However, the night will not be easy, since before seeing dawn break, it will be necessary to face the climatic dangers which await. Released a little less than a year ago, the game is a great discovery, for lovers of literature and poetry, but not only. The cooperative dimension brings a real challengein an asymmetrical title that we like to highlight whenever the occasion arises.

Kodama – The Tree Spirits

Created by Capsicum Games, published by Don’t Panic Games
From 2 to 5 players, from 8 years old, about 30 min (22€)

Kodama board game
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a forest spirit, Kodama is made for you. As in Living Forest, your role will be to make the surrounding woods prosper to welcome the adorable spirits of the woods, which one would think straight out of a Hayao Miyazaki movie. Poetic and captivating, the game is a great family discovery, which manages to combine innovative mechanics and an artistic direction worthy of the greatest playful successes of the year.


Created by Régis Bonnessée, illustrated by Naïade, published by Libellud
From 2 to 4 players, from 14 years old, about 60 min (40€)

Seasons Board Game
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Without doubt the most expert game of this selection (but also the most expensive) Seasons is one of our favorite games across all categories. First for its gameplay, which provided you dwell a little on the rules, shines with its originality and intelligence. Then, for the beautiful illustrations by Naïade, who stands out as one of the most talented playful illustrators of the moment (just that). In two or more, the parties follow each other and are not alike. Depending on your opponents, you can thus choose to play each in your corner, or on the contrary to pull you into the branches at each turn. A real big game as we like them.

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