Amazon Alexa – Malfunction in Skills for Kids

Amazon Alexa has a problem with skills for children. Alexa only allows the use of children’s skills if they are explicitly allowed in the Alexa app. But this is exactly where there is currently a problem. Hopefully Amazon should notice that quickly, otherwise there will be a few sad faces among the children.

Amazon Alexa is currently unable to launch child skills

Normally, you only have to approve “Kids Skills” once in the Alexa app. It’s still unclear to me why, but that’s another topic.

Now it seems as if this setting is no longer known. This has been active for me for many years, but when I try to start a children’s skill (e.g Brush teeth), then an incorrect message appears.

Brush teeth. Sure, but you’ll have to ask your parents to turn on skills for kids in their Alexa app first.

Brush your teeth with Alexa (Kids skill)

Even reactivating the setting does not help here. Amazon probably tinkered with something in the background and overlooked this point to test.

The only thing that helps here is to wait until Amazon fixes this.

Are you affected too? Which children’s skills do your kids use? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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