Anti stalking function now also for Tile Tracker

The Apple AirTags got the most attention when it became known that they were used for the stalking people or for abused car theft became. The tile trackers have so far been under the radar, even if they could of course be misused for the same deeds. Reason for Tile to now improve independently, even if not solved as simply as Apple has done.

Tile app gets anti-stalking feature

If you’re concerned about being stalked with a Tile tracker, then you should download the Tile app. Because you can use it to check in the future whether there is a tracker in your area. According to Tile, the whole thing should also work without an account.

The rollout of the new feature began last week, according to Tile. However, I haven’t been able to find it on my iOS yet. The official message reads:

Scan and Secure, available starting this week for anyone with the Tile app (even if you don’t have a Tile account), allows you to scan for unknown Tiles or Tile-enabled devices that might be traveling with you.

Of course, you cannot display the exact location of a third-party tracker with this function, as this would of course violate the applicable laws. However, if an unknown tracker constantly moves with your position, then a possible stalking can be assumed.

Incidentally, the whole thing only works if you open the app, activate the search and then move for up to 10 minutes. Just walking around at home is useless, just like in a public place. Because here, of course, other people could carry a tracker with them.

So if you want to find out if you are being stalked, you have to actively install the app and start the scan. Of course that’s with them AirTags with an Apple iPhone solved a little more elegantly. Here the smartphone warns automatically without you having to do anything (apart from AirTags and Android smartphones).


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