Apple could be working on a subscription service for its devices

Apple could be preparing an additional way to acquire hardware products, Bloomberg reports today based on anonymous sources close to the operation. The idea, if materialized, would be to offer a subscription service through which users could purchase physical products by paying a fixed monthly fee in a similar way to what is now happening with the different digital subscription services.

According to the report, this subscription service could be launched either at the end of this year or at the latest in early 2023, starting with the company’s mobile phones, to expand over time to the other categories of its hardware devices.

An initiative that could give a strong boost to your hardware

This new subscription service for the acquisition of hardware is currently in the development phase, so at the moment it is unknown how it will be carried out and who could be the beneficiaries of it.

In this regard, it should be remembered that Apple It already allows users in the United States to finance their purchases through its financial service Apple Card, which after several years since its launch, is still only available for the United States, despite the fact that its arrival in Europe seems to be closer.

The company also has in the United States, in association with Citizens Bank, the iPhone update program, which allows users to have a new device mobile of the company every twelve months.

This new system could also house the Apple One and AppleCare programs, which currently work independently.

Therefore, if it is launched, we will not know if this service would be exclusively in the United States or, as is the case with subscription services, it could also be available globally.

according to Bloomberg:

The service would be Apple’s biggest push yet in automatic recurring sales, allowing users to sign up for hardware for the first time, rather than just digital services. But the project is still in development, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the initiative has not been announced.

It will be interesting to know all the details when it becomes available, since it is currently unclear whether the devices purchased would be leased or owned.

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