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Windows 11 Pro is the ideal solution for small businesses or users who need advanced features while ensuring their security. That’s good, because on the occasion of spring the site offers great discounts on many license keys for a single PC.

These keys are valid from permanent and legal, and their purchase is very simple.

How does it work? buy Microsoft keys in bulk at a greatly discounted price. It is a wholesaler who will then resell them legally to companies and individuals. Rather than buying them at Fnac or on Amazon, you have every interest in enjoying them at home.

For example, if you need to buy Microsoft Office or a key to activate Windows on your computer, you place an order on the site Then you will receive an email with the unique activation key. It’s two to three times cheaper than an official license – and it’s exactly the same thing. You can then set the default French version on your device.

Discover below the list with all the discounts on Microsoft keys. In addition to Office and Windows, there is also the possibility of making great savings on antivirus software. With the explosion of hacks, you can enjoy deep discounts on McAfee, Kaspersky or ESET which are among the leaders in cybersecurity in the world. With annual licenses for around 10 euros, there are no better offers!

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Finally, know that MMORC.COM allows payment support via PayPal, as well as a refund at any time if you encounter a problem during your purchases. Do not hesitate to contact MMORC.COM customer service if you have any questions about products and service via email : [email protected].

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