Facing Russia, Joe Biden fears a major cyberattack

The American president called on companies to prepare for possible Russian cyberattacks, in retaliation for the various international sanctions against the Kremlin.

It was in an official statement from the White House that President Joe Biden called on American companies to protect themselves from possible cyberattacks from the Kremlin. Like many other international leaders, the politician fears reprisals after the various sanctions imposed on Vladimir Putin.

Quoting “constantly changing intelligence data that the Russian state is considering different avenues of potential cyberattacks”he now believes that these attacks, likely to trigger the world war threeare today part of “the strategy manual of the Russian state. For Joe Biden, he is now “crucial” that private companies, but also the government “accelerate the strengthening of our internal IT security”.

Attacks like in Ukraine?

According to the White House, unprecedented cyberattacks emanating from the Russian government could target infrastructure essential to the proper functioning of the country. While an official from Joe Biden’s executive believed there was still “so much to do to get the assurance that we have locked all digital gateways, especially that of the capital services that Americans rely on”the threat of attacks in Ukraine before the start of armed fighting hangs over the defenders of Volodymyr Zelensky.

It must be said that this time, the Russians could hit hard. According to Jen Easterly, director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, it would no longer be a question of simply spying on neighboring countries, but of carrying out a strike “disruptive or destructive” to weaken the forces of the targeted country. The FBI would have already spotted suspicious movements, resembling a “preparatory activity” to an attack.

Companies as much as governments therefore seem to be on high alert to withstand the acts of cyberwar to come. Let us recall that independently of the Russian invasion, cyberattacks are more and more numerous. This week, the giant Microsoft confirmed a major data theft from the Lapsus$ group.

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