Ferrari confirms rumors and launches ‘totally different’ car

After Maserati, it’s Ferrari’s turn to make major announcements regarding the future of the Italian brand.

It’s been months, if not years of rumors that may have just come to an end. Indeed, the most prestigious of automotive firms, Ferrari, has just published a short press release in which the brand confirms the expectations of the industry. A new prancing horse car will see the light of day in 2022, but the latter will have nothing to do with the 75 years of history and work of the brand from Modena.

Indeed, Ferrari would be about to present a first SUV, ā€œ a new Ferrari, which has nothing to do with the rest ā€œ, assures the Italian firm. Known throughout the decades for its sports cars which accumulate victories on the track, Ferrari is also synonymous with luxury and overpriced cars. Founded by Enzo Ferrari, a former pilot between the wars, the brand ended up establishing itself in the automotive world as one of the major references.

The Ferrari Purosangue – thoroughbred in French – could hit the roads this year, if the great unknown regarding this car will reside in its engine, Ferrari has already lifted the veil for the first time by offering a snapshot of the car. Barely a few weeks after an image of a prototype copy was released on the web, the Maranello brand has therefore launched a first design campaign on this car which should be a first in many respects.

The expanding world of SUVs

Luxury SUVs are the attraction of the automotive world right now. As the whole world begins the transition to electric, the big brands of yesterday are also switching to this new engine, in imposing models, with lines close to the SUVs that we have already known for ten years.

While Maserati has already made an announcement this week, launching the Grecale, Italian car brands are increasingly present in the growing market of hybrid or electric SUVs. If for the moment nobody knows the engine of the Purosangue, the next red car could well, affront for the history, to have the right to a hybrid version.

If the fans are barely recovering from the arrival of the turbo on prancing-horse cars, you will have to be very strong to endure the silence of an electric motor at the heart of “their” car.

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