Google updates the way it displays product reviews in its search engine

On many occasions, the technology media carry out product reviews based on our experience. In my case, for example, I receive several 3D printers, security cameras, mobile phones, headphones… I’ve been testing products of all kinds for years, and that makes for a very useful experience for readers and visitors who want to see what something is like first. to buy it.

Generally, reviews usually appear on YouTube and other social networks, but in many cases they are limited to an article on the web, an article that can gain or lose positions in Google after this latest update.

How to make a good review of a product on the Internet

During 2021 Google has been working on a new system to display product reviews in Search, and in the latest update this week they ensure that they meet the following conditions:

– That there are useful details, such as the advantages or disadvantages of a certain item.
– That show details about the performance of a product.
– That show the differences of the product with respect to previous versions.
– That they are written by people who have used the products.
– Show images of the product.
– Watch videos or descriptions of how it is used.
– Say something more than what the manufacturer says.
– That has images, audio or video with the experience of the reviewer.
– That it has comparisons with other similar products, showing the similarities and differences.

As you can see, nothing that is not based on common sense. Although it is clear that this type of review will require several days of testing and preparing the material, the result can be worth it.

The idea is to ensure that the reviews are exactly that, reviews, and to do this they will ensure that articles that only show the “official” descriptions lose visibility in their ubiquitous search engine.

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