Google would be working on a smart screen that also serves as a tablet

Google is working on a new version of its Nest Hub smart display, which will differ from previous versions by possibility of detaching the screen from its base with speaker and function as a stand-alone tablet.

The idea is quite practical but not new, since Lenovo currently has two Android tablet models on the market that can be attached to their respective bases with speakers, one being compatible with Alexa and the other compatible with the Google Assistant.

A more functional form factor Nest smart display

At the moment it is unknown what the specifications of the new version of Nest Hub that Google is preparing this year 2022, as it has learned 9to5Google based on a source fairly close to the project.

In this way, it takes much more logic that the new device works on Androidgiven the enormous variety of applications available, compared to Chrome OS, which also would not offer good energy performance.

There is no doubt that Google has been improving the user experience of its Nest Hub smart screens to make them more functional both when accessing applications and when browsing the web.

The new device that will come under the Nest brand will have to be interesting enough to capture the attention of users, coming at a time when interest in tablets has grown again after several years of stalling in favor of convertible devices.

This would be the fourth smart screen model that the company launches on the market, although there is still 2022 for a while, with what this entails so that new leaks can occur or even, in the worst and possible case, that Google can arrive to stop the project.

It is already a matter that at any time of the year new rumors and leaks can be produced, and who knows if in the next edition of the event for Google developers we can know more about it officially.

Via: 9to5Google

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