How Chrome’s new side panel works

Google Chrome has added, in its latest version, a button that activates a new panel on the right, an area where we can save bookmarks and web pages that we want to read later.

As you can see in the image above, the button is next to the profile image. Pressing it opens a panel with two sections: Reading List and Bookmarks.

The bookmarks is the list that we have always added in Google Chrome, but now we can have it on the right instead of on the top bar (or on both sides, if you wish). Clicking on a bookmark opens the saved page in the current tab, just like the top bar.

The Reading List is used to save the web pages that we plan to read in the near future, so that they do not take up space in our sacred bookmark space.

new chrome side panel

When we are viewing a web page with an article that we want to read later, we click on “Add current tab” in the new right panel.

new chrome side panel

In this way, it will be shown, within the “unread” category, the saved link and the time that we have saved it there.

new chrome side panel

When we have read it, we click on the corresponding button and the desired page will open for reading. At that point the section will change its title to “pages you have read”, but it does not disappear from the list.

To make it disappear from the panel, we will have to click on the X next to the mark as read button, thus allowing us to always have the list updated with what we really want to read.

A good idea to organize our reading sessions, although if you don’t like it you can always ignore the button and press it again to hide the panel in question.

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