How to activate the chronological feed on Instagram

Instagram is bringing back the chronological feed. Yes, after many years of back and forth, Instagram now allows users to view posts in chronological order.

But you will find a new dynamic that allows you to choose to see the posts of the people you follow or those who are in your Favorites group. We tell you all the news.

Instagram brings back the chronological feed

The team of Instagram I had already anticipated that it would bring the chronological feed back to the app, but with a different dynamic. And now we finally see the change.

If you have already updated the Instagram app, you will see that you are now presented with two options to view the feed: Following and Favorites. Yes, as you can see in the image above, from the Instagram logo tab you can make this change according to your preferences. Regardless of the feed you choose, the posts will be displayed in chronological order.

If you choose “Following” you will find yourself with the same feed that you saw when you opened the app. That is, the posts of all the people you follow on Instagram. And if you choose «Favorites» you will see the publications of those accounts that you have added to this group.

Remember that “Favorites” is a function that has been available on Instagram for a long time, and that allows us to create a group with the accounts that are most interesting to us. So if you are one of those who follows a lot of accounts, Favorites gives you the option of keeping a more select group with some accounts that you do not want to lose publication.

You can add up to 50 accounts among your favorites. And of course, you can change your selection at any time. Before this new feed change is made, Instagram It gave priority to the posts of our favorites, but now they are directly displayed in a separate feed.

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