Hue Engage – A new Philips Hue app for Android

The Hue Engage app is another alternative app for the Philips Hue system on Android smartphones.

Hue Engage – App reviews poor due to high cost

In addition to the original Hue app, there are also third-party apps for the smart lighting system from Philips Hue, some of which have a greater range of functions. Here, for example, the app Hue Essentials or iConnectHue should be mentioned, which I have regularly reported on here on the blog.

Now another app comes into play with Hue Engage, which is only available for Android at the start. The app also offers significantly more functions and is intended for users who want to get a little more out of their Hue system. Here are some features of the new app.

Display of temperature and brightness details per room and associated diagrams for your own statistical analysis when using motion detectors

The playbook editor lets you turn your home into a living theater of light, while the player offers a user experience similar to a media player

The powerful routine builder and editor supports adding or changing existing lighting behaviors created with another app

Hue Engage offers the possibility of creating backups of certain settings such as light behavior, room definitions, etc. and also restoring older versions


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The app should cost 2.19 euros in the PlayStore, which seems cheap at first. However, the ratings in the PlayStore are really bad with 1.5 stars. This is because there are additional monthly charges for usage after installation. In addition, the connection to the bridge should not be particularly easy.

As an iOS user, I can’t get a picture of the app. Have you tried them and can report?

If you want to exchange views on the topic, take a look at our “Smart lighting group” on Facebook. There you will find a huge community with which you can exchange ideas on the topic!

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