Innr presents new outdoor ball lights

Innr has announced a new outdoor product. The Outdoor Globe Lights should be available soon.

Innr Outdoor Globe Lights to match Spring

Just in time for the start of the garden season, the manufacturer Innr is launching new lights for the garden or patio. The existing outdoor range will be expanded to include the Outdoor Globe Lights. It consists of three small ball lights that are connected with a cable and can be stuck into the ground with a ground spike or hung up.

Image source: Hueblog

The ball lights with the product designation OGL 130 C have a maximum luminosity of 370 lumens and are only 19 cm tall. A set of three is available at a price of 199.99 euros and can be extended by up to two ball lights, which then cost 59.99 euros each.

Thanks to ZigBee, the Innr Outdoor Globe Lights are of course also compatible with the Philips Hue bridge and are therefore of interest to many users of the Hue system. As soon as they are available in stores I will give you another update!

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