Now it’s easier to bring Zoom video calls to Twitch

We are talking about Zoom again, since this platform specialized in business communication solutions, which also became popular among the general public at the beginning of the pandemic, is bringing native integration with Twitch, the well-known streaming platform, owned by Amazon, in which many users share electronic game sessions, although other content can also be shared.

While it has been possible until now to bring Zoom video calls to Twitch via manual stream settings, it will now be much easier to bring video calls to Twitch with the arrival of the button. Live on Twitchwhich requires account owners to initially link their Zoom and Twitch accounts so that Zoom Meeting session hosts can expand their communications through Twitch.

Zoom notes the following statement:

To help our customers streamline the process of sharing content within their communities and expand their reach, account owners and managers can now allow hosts to live stream their meeting or webinar directly to Twitch instead of manually setting up the streaming as a personalized live streaming service.

There is no doubt that once the security errors found in the middle of the pandemic due to its popularization have been solved, instead of growing in functions, the platform is now facing a new stage in which it has its sights set on the arrival of new functions that allows you to compete on equal terms with other powerful rivals, such as the case of Microsoft Teams, for example.

The possibilities with this native integration can be quite extensive, such as the possibility of sharing via live streaming the making of a live podcast using Zoom, among many other options that can be given thanks to said integration.

The truth is that Zoom already had the possibility of taking video calls to other platforms such as YouTube or Facebook, with which Twitch, given its popularity, could not be left behind, although over time it is possible that Zoom may also be looking at other platforms to bring more native integrations in the future.

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