Samsung fixes Galaxy S22 Ultra GPS bug

Several people have reported a problem on Samsung’s forums, the manufacturer has acknowledged the existence of the bug and is working on a solution.


Many European Galaxy S22 Ultra user reported GPS problems on Samsung’s official forums. The loss of the GPS signal was associated with many having an unstable Bluetooth connection and regularly disconnecting the S Pen. There have been several attempts to eliminate the phenomenon, one of which is obviously a restart of the device, which only solved the problem for a while.

The device appears to be communicating with satellites, but GPS is not active, but Google Maps and other applications that use navigation do not receive a signal. The phenomenon is completely contingent, often stopping navigation on the fly, which is understandably very annoying. Samsung has officially acknowledged and acknowledged the existence of the problem, they are working on a solution, but the exact date of the update has not been announced yet.


I did not experience this problem or set of errors myself, but the data connection tended to play the same. Apparently there was a WiFi or LTE / 5G connection, but there was no net on the device. Sometimes turning the WiFi / mobile data connection on and off solved the problem, but sometimes you had to restart the device. Specifically, this problem, respectively performance limitation fortunately remedied by the latest update, users can be confident that the GPS and Bluetooth dysfunction will be resolved by the manufacturer within a tight deadline.

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