The best vacuums for pet owners in 2022

Companion animals are part of the family and to avoid hair spread around the house we need to choose the best vacuum cleaner for pet ownersproducts with their own characteristics and functions.

Next, we present the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair among the various types on the market. Thus, you will find from the best upright vacuum cleaner for those who have animals, to the best bagless vacuum cleaner and robot vacuum cleaners.

Roomba J7+ is the best robot vacuum for pet owners

Roomba J7+
The iRobot robot vacuum cleaner comes with a self-emptying base.

Price: from 999 € on Amazon.ES

The best vacuum cleaner for those who have animals is the Roomba J7 + to iRobot with an understated design, excellent build quality and self-emptying base for worry-free months, plus one of the best navigation systems on the market.

It is the best cleaning solution for those who have animals, especially in houses with few steps so that the robot covers as much area as possible and picks up all the hair and debris without having to pick up a vacuum cleaner. It is the most convenient solution.

It has AI that recognizes and prevents waste, advanced and intelligent mapping with camera and light to clean even at night. Finally, Roomba vacuums use silicone center brushes in which the hair and other fibers do not get tangled.

Roomba i3+ is the best robot vacuum alternative

Robot Aspirador iRobot Roomba i3+

Price: from 499 € on Amazon.ES

or robot vacuum cleaner Roomba i3+ It is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners for those who have animals with an excellent quality / price ratio and high suction power. Plus, it uses iRobot’s silicone and rubber central brush, perfect for picking up fur and fibers.

This model costs roughly half the previous one and has the same cleaning efficiency. The design is simpler, but the construction is just as good. Also, the navigation system is not that advanced, but can already be considered smart.

It’s an excellent purchase to pick up pet hair, among other debris, without any major worries.

Rowenta X-Plorer Serie 75 vacuums and washes automatically

Aspirador robot Rowenta X-Plorer Serie 75

Price: from 400 € on Amazon.ES

the vacuum cleaner Rowenta X-Plorer Serie 75 is an option to consider for the suction power. It is the best Rowenta vacuum cleaner in the range of smart and autonomous vacuum cleaners, with a central brush with mixed bristles and rubber blades suitable for fibers.

It has smart navigation with LiDAR system for accurate mapping and control via app or virtual assistants. It is an option to consider if you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair that can also wash the floor in addition to vacuuming.

In particular, in this “Animal Care” edition we have the central brush with silicone blades to grip the hair and not get tangled. We also have the “Animal Scrub” mode that scrubs the floor better with the mop included in the Rowenta robot vacuum.

DYSON E V11ABSOLUTE is the best upright vacuum for pet owners


Price: from 864 € on Amazon.ES

The best vertical vacuum cleaner for those who have animals is the DYSON E V11ABSOLUTE for greater suction power. It is a portable bagless vacuum cleaner with autonomy for up to 60 minutes of operation with a 0.76 liter tank.

Ideal for cleaning specific spots with the most dirt, while quickly vacuuming an area of ​​the house. It is one of the best upright vacuums, with great suction power (38.6 W), excellent build quality and portability.

Rowenta XForce Flex 11.50 is one of the best upright vacuums

Rowenta XForce Flex 11.50

Price: from 369 € on Amazon.ES

The upright vacuum Rowenta XForce Flex 11.50 It is a good alternative for those who have animals. This “Animal Care” version has autonomy for 45 minutes of operation, flexible tube and high power motor (130 AW) and 0.9 L tank.

To better clean the fur of animals in this version we have several accessories such as an electric brush, additional nozzle, as well as a reinforced filtration system, something important for those who have allergies, often associated with pets.

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 unfolds as a vacuum cleaner for cars

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10

Price: from 249 € on Amazon.ES

The upright vacuum Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 It has an excellent quality / price ratio, also suitable for those who have animals thanks to the central brush in silicone that guarantees a better capture of the hair, without getting stuck in the conventional brushes.

It is a high-end vertical vacuum cleaner, therefore, bagless and cordless, with a 0.6 L tank. It has autonomy for up to 65 minutes of operation and the highest suction power with up to 150 AW (Air Watts) , with good construction in metal and ABS plastic.

Bosch EasyVac 12 is the best mini vacuum cleaner

Bosch EasyVac 12

Price: from 69 € on Amazon.ES

the hand vacuum Bosch EasyVac 12 It is an extremely versatile solution for cleaning up dirt in the car, sofa and in isolated situations and small projects. Ideal for those who have 12 V and 10.8 V batteries compatible with the Bosch ecosystem.

It comes with several accessories, great build quality and moderate power. For those who have pets and need to do a complementary and punctual cleaning, this portable handheld vacuum will be a good addition to the home.

Cecotec Conga Popstar 1500 Animal DuoStick Easy cheap and good

Cecotec Conga Popstar 1500 Animal DuoStick Easy

Price: from 35,90 € on Amazon.ES

The upright vacuum Cecotec Conga Popstar 1500 Animal DuoStick Easy It’s the cheapest on the market. It has a maximum power of 800 W, bagless, with cyclonic technology and a high-efficiency filter to retain dust and allergens. It has a 0.8 L tank.

Includes BestFriend Care accessory, a kind of brush to clean animals, to remove cat hair from clothes, sofas and other surfaces. It is the best cheap and powerful upright vacuum cleaner with a 6 meter radius of action and good suction power.

Bosch ProAnimal Serie I 6 is the best bagless vacuum cleaner

Bosch ProAnimal Series I 6

Price: from 333 € on Amazon.ES

the vacuum cleaner Bosch ProAnimal Series I 6, without a bag, is one of the most powerful and well equipped. It is the best vacuum for those who have animals thanks to high suction efficiency, excellent build quality and HEPA filter for optimal air filtration.

This vacuum cleaner has automatic power regulation, Smart Sensor Control that adapts the performance to the type of soil, in addition to an automatic cleaning system and specific accessories to grab the fur of pets.

Rowenta Silence Force Cyclonic Animal Care is one of the best bagless vacuums

Rowenta Silence Force Cyclonic Animal Care

Price: from 175 € on Amazon.ES

O Rowenta Silence Force Cyclonic Animal Care It is an excellent bagless vacuum cleaner for those who have animals due to its great cleaning efficiency. It has a 2.5 L tank and several accessories such as specific heads to clean the fur of animals.

It is a cyclonic vacuum cleaner with lower energy consumption, quieter with 67 db of noise and a maximum operating radius of 8.8 meters. It has good build quality, telescopic tube and the best efficiency in carpet cleaning, parquet and ceramics.

Hoover Telios Plus TE75 is the most efficient vacuum cleaner

Hoover Telios Plus TE75

Price: from 109 € on Amazon.ES

The most efficient vacuum cleaner is the Hoover Telios Plus TE75 in the special edition of pets. It has more accessories such as nozzles and specific brushes to effectively clean sofas, rugs, among other surfaces where there are animal hairs.

It is a vacuum with bag, very quiet (66 db), with good build quality, durable motor and washable EPA filter, in addition to the telescopic metal tube. Cleans all surfaces and does it with great efficiency and with a large 3.5 L bag.

Rowenta Silence Force RO7769EA is one of the best vacuum cleaners

Rowenta Silence Force RO7769EA

Price: from 224 € on Amazon.ES

the vacuum cleaner Rowenta Silence Force RO7769EA, with 4.5 L XL bag is one of the most powerful in its category. At the same time, it is one of the best vacuum cleaners for those who have animals due to the great suction power adjustable in 4 levels by the user.

It has several accessories included such as a dedicated pet hair brush, as well as other tips. It has good build quality, a very reliable motor and great energy efficiency as it consumes 450 W of power and is silent (64 db).

Bosch Universal Vac 15 is best for liquids and solids

Bosch Universal Vac 15

Price: from 97 € on Amazon.ES

the vacuum cleaner Bosch Universal Vac 15 is the most powerful solution for vacuuming solids and liquids. It has a large capacity of 15 L, accessories for different surfaces and high suction power (250 AW), with a general power of 1000 W and a weight of 7 kg.

Bosch has in this vacuum cleaner the ideal solution for advanced cleaning of solids and liquids, even working with other brand tools with their own adapter. It’s an almost industrial solution, but it’s surprisingly efficient.

Kärcher SE 4002 is the best for washing and vacuuming

Karcher SE 4002

Price: from 228 € on Amazon.ES

O Karcher SE 4002 vacuums and washes with a high power of 1,400 W and a capacity of 4 liters, with noise levels of 73 dB. It is an ideal solution for washing sofa, car and upholstery cushions, especially for those who have pets at home.

It is equipped with a spray and suction hose to wash and vacuum at the same time, doing more than picking up all the dog’s or cat’s fur. For those looking for deep hygiene and versatile use, this is possibly the best buy.

There are 5 types of vacuum cleaners on the market

1. Robot vacuum cleaners: they are more expensive, but more comfortable to free the user from manual tasks. The best ones have AI systems that detect obstacles and don’t vacuum up dog, cat, or other pet waste.

2. Vertical vacuum cleaners: very versatile and ideal for complementary cleaning, when we need to clean a specific area (mini vacuum cleaner), or a deeper part of the house. They have reduced autonomy and imply later charging time.

3. bagless vacuum cleaners: ideal for general cleaning of the home and at the end, just empty and wash the tank and clean the filter. They do not use bags (at least one expense), but it is necessary to keep the filter clean, otherwise it will have to be changed or lost power.

4. vacuum cleaners with bag: the traditional model is still the most efficient in terms of price, energy consumption and suction power. They come with several accessories and remain the best manual general cleaning solution.

5. Bucket vacuums (Dry and Wet): noisy but extremely powerful solutions. They can vacuum solids and liquids, ideal for use inside and outside the house when we need a serious and thorough cleaning.

Follow our guides and make the best purchase:

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