The National Police dismantles a criminal group that cloned sports cars and recovers 10 units worth 300,000 euros

The National Police has dissolved a criminal gang that was dedicated to the cloning of sports vehicles. The agents have arrested 10 of its members -who were based in the provinces of Madrid and Ciudad Real- and have recovered 10 vehicles valued at more than 300,000 euros.

The investigation began when the agents became aware of the theft of numerous competition vehicles in the Community of Madrid, according to the National Police in a statement.

The modus operandi was as follows: the members of this gang bought wrecked vehicles of a specific model at low cost to use its chassis and identification elements.

The brand or model of these vehicles has not been revealed, but in the image provided by the police force at least five can be seen. Abarth 595.

Vehicles whose repair was economically unfeasible, also using physical identification elements (frame numbers) and documents (registration plates and circulation permits).

Subsequently, the bodywork and engine of similar-looking sports cars were assembled, which had previously been stolen using electronic devices that violate the vehicle’s security systems.

“In this way, the cars passed the periodic inspections at the service stations without raising any suspicion and could sell them second-hand for the price that the sports model would have in that market,” details the National Police.

Thanks to the police efforts carried out, the agents detected one of the vehicles that was hidden in the basement of a building in the Madrid district of Puente de Vallecas. In addition, located a mechanical workshop open to the public, in the province of Toledowhich was being used for the concealment and subsequent cutting up of stolen cars.

The 10 members of the criminal organization – whose number may increase – are accused of belonging to a criminal group, theft of vehicles, reception, fraud and forgery of documents.

Photo | National Police

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