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The price of the BlitzWolf sweeper also plummeted

The greatness of the appliance lies in its simplicity, if you press a single button on it, the brushes will work, washing will start, if you press this button again, the machine will switch off. On the back there is a combined tank that needs to be filled with water, use this to wipe or suck the already dirty liquid into the back. It’s cleverly invented, it works well in practice.

Its great advantage is that it spreads the water completely evenlywhich allows for much faster drying than squeezing with a traditional mop. The operating time is 30 minuteswhich doesn’t seem like much, but wiping itself is a very quick process, since in principle we’ve vacuumed it before, so this half an hour is enough or 100 square meters, if not more. Charging takes 2-3 hours, so if it runs out, we won’t have to wait long before we can use it again. We really don’t have to do anything with it other than walk around the apartment and wash it off nicely.

The device last year already we tested, who is seriously considering buying it, it is definitely worth reading our longer analysis of the equipment. The price has dropped to about 5,000 HUF since then, so if you liked it, it’s worth a hit now.

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