The truck drivers will demonstrate tomorrow in Madrid while they wait for the Government to sit them down at the table

With transport stoppage facing their eleventh day, the carriers will demonstrate morning friday march 24 on Madrid in a march called by the Platform in National Defense of the Transport Sector and that will culminate in front of the Ministry of Transport.

This entity, which brings together self-employed truckers and medium and small companies, continues to ask that the Government, specifically the Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, sit down to negotiate with them as callers of the strike.

Meanwhile, the Executive maintains its refusal to meet with the Platform, since it does not consider it a valid interlocutor for the transport sector.

So, with whom has Returned to meeting today the Ministry of Transport is with the National Committee of Transport by Road (CNTC)to agree on “concrete measures” after the rejection of last Monday by a large part of the associations of this entity.

“Let it be visualized how many we are”

Demonstration of transport truckers

It’s a statement published by Platform, carriers are invited to a march, which will be on foot. It will start at 10:00 in the morning in Plaza San Juan de la Cruz, and will run to number 67 Paseo de la Castellana, where the administrative headquarters of the Ministry of Transport.

From Platform, they continue to point out “contempt” on the part of the Government, given their continued refusal to meet with them as callers of the strike.

In this statement it is stated that “We are not going to endorse any agreement of the Ministry agreed outside our Organization and therefore we will continue standing until we obtain solutions negotiated and signed with us”.

In a posted video On Platform’s Facebook profile, its president, Manuel Hernández, calls carriers to this demonstration so that “see how many we are” and that the minister sees “how many thousands of families and workers she is despising”.

For this, buses are being organized from all over Spain and Hernández assures that they estimate that the demonstration will have a massive attendance.

This entity, and the workers and companies that have joined this strike, demand measures to put an end to the structural problems that are suffocating the sector for years and does not consider the CNTC to be the valid representative of its petitions.

transport trucks

Among them, one of the main ones is Prohibit hiring below operating costsin a line similar to Food Chain Law recently approved, since they denounce that they have been working at a loss for years.

But they also request, among others, to limit subcontractors, eliminate the figure of transport operators, ensure safety in rest areas or reduce the waiting time to one hour from the arrival of the vehicle, as well as prohibit loading and discharge by carriers, retirement at 60 years or recognition of occupational diseases.

Some of these measures have already been included in a agreement reached by Government and CNTCmaterialized in the Royal Decree Law 3/2022 of March 2 and validated by the Congress of Deputies last week.

This is the case of prohibiting loading and unloading, although with multiple exceptions and from a certain tonnage, or reducing the waiting time to one hour.

But, for example, there is not the greatest demand, contracting below costs, beyond the fact that the price of transport is set based on the variation in the price of fuel and that, exceptionally, it will be reviewed weekly in the current situation skyrocketing prices.

New meeting with the National Committee

transport trucks

Today, Thursday, March 24, a new meeting enter here transport minister and the National Committee. On Monday, after a new meeting, the Executive promised direct aid with an allocation of €500 million to discount diesel starting in April.

But given that it was not specified how these measures would be managed, and although the CNTC assessed the meeting as positiveseveral member associations of this committee distanced themselves considering them insufficient.

It was the case of FenadismerFetransa and Feintra, which account for 39.4% of the member associations of the CNTC.

On Monday, Fenadismer issued a statement noting that they could not accept the agreement because it had not been specified how these aids would be articulated, such as the amount that will correspond to each carrier and whether it will reach both heavy and light trucks.

Although in this writing they did not explicitly say that they joined the strike, it did state that their workers and affiliated companies they were forced to stop their activity until “urgent and effective measures” were detailed.

This is precisely what the Executive has promised, that these measures will be defined in a concrete way at this meeting, in addition to conveying its firm will to reach an agreement and put an end to the demonstrations. Although we will have to wait for the resolution of the meeting to know them.

However, given that the strike is called by Platform, and given the repeated refusal of the ministry to meet with them, it is foreseeable that the strike by the carriers will continue.

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