This is the first official image of the first SUV in the history of the ‘Cavallino’

It’s been a few years since Ferrari warned that it would enter the SUV segment. The time has come and we will be able to see the first SUV of the brand’s history this very 2022. But for now we will have to settle for this first image of the brand’s new model, the Ferrari Thoroughbred.

Posted on its official Instagram account, the brand shows us the front of the Purosangue in broad strokes. The image is accompanied by the following words: “You have heard the rumours… and we are happy to confirm that they are true (at least some of them).” And he adds that the car will be unveiled this year.

The image, which has been clarified with respect to the original publication, reveals a design with fine light groups and huge air intakes. It preserves the family resemblance with some recent models of the brand, such as the Ferrari Rome and the Daytona SP3. And all this, of course, dressed in the classic Ferrari Rosso Corsa.

Ferrari Purosangue, a car for customers, not fans

Although many purists of the Prancing Horse slammed the new model, and SUVs in general, the brand has its supercar customers in its sights. Many of them already have SUVs, why not sell them one and keep everything on the brand? Obviously, you also have potential new customers in your target, those same ones who have opted for a Lamborghini Urus or a Aston Martin DBX.

At the moment very little is known about the new model. Has a architecture based on that of the Ferrari Romawith an engine in a central front position (that is, located behind the front axle) associated with a double-clutch transaxle gearbox and rear-wheel drive.

Ferrari Rome

There will be an all-wheel drive option, similar to the one proposed by the Ferrari FF and GTC4 Luxurythe models that the Purosangue comes to replace in the range.

This platform allows the hybridization of its mechanics, so the new model will undoubtedly have at least one hybrid version. Unless its entire range is passed to hybridization, the technical specifications are not yet known.

Ferrari also promises “revolutionary accessibility and cutting-edge comfort on board.” The presentation of the Purosangue will take place within a few weeks, since the production of the new model is scheduled for before the summer.

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