Twitter makes it easy to find content in direct messages

Twitter is updating the search engine for direct messages to make it easier to find.

Although we can already search by person or group to find a specific DM, now the possibility of searching by content is added. We tell you how to use the new Twitter option.

New direct message search system on Twitter

Last year, the Twitter team added a search system for direct messages on Android, following the same dynamics found on iOS and the web version. A new dynamic that makes it easier to search for specific conversations or contacts within DMs.

But that was not all, Twitter He promised that he would bring other new features in the future that would improve the direct message search system. New features that are already being implemented in the latest Twitter update.

From now on, you will be able to use keywords to search for content within direct messages. So if you only remember part of a conversation, but you don’t know when or with whom it was, you can use a keyword to search for the direct message.

An update that will save users a lot of time, since it will prevent them from having to manually review each conversation. And of course, you can still search by contact name or group to find specific direct messages.

The team of Twitter You haven’t mentioned if this new dynamic will work for all DM history or if it will only work for DMs from the last few years. So some testing will have to be done to see if the content search returns results from old direct messages.

This new search system for Twitter direct messages is already being implemented both in the web version and in the app for iOS and Android. If you still don’t see the change, don’t worry, it will be updated shortly.

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