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In May 2021, we spent several days in the company of Voiager 4 of Voi Technology, an innovative electric scooter intended for free-floating sharing, with vehicles that can be parked anywhere in the city – within a well-defined area of ​​course. Now it’s time for updates: we previewed the new Voiager 5 di Voialso known as V5 – and that’s exactly what we’ll call it from now on.
The leap from V3X to V4 was truly enormous, with the Swedish company bringing a well-cushioned scooter to Italian cities, with directional arrows (therefore ahead of its time, given that by law they are arrows are mandatory on new models from mid-2022) and wheels large enough to absorb most of the blows. With the V5 we do not have the same “quantum” leap as last year, the small changes made however represent a significant step forward, even in terms of inclusion.

The novelties of Voiager 5 (V5) of Voi

Let’s start with the inclusiveness of the new V5: the V4 had brake levers that could be uncomfortable for those users with small hands, a detail that the V5 solves in full.

Now the two brake levers (we have in fact a double drum brake) are more compact in size and are closer to the knobs, which have also been improved. Now they are softer and more comfortable, they do not have a honeycomb structure but they are smooth, therefore the ride comfort is significantly increased. You have also improved the central structure of its handlebar: now the handlebar integrates a smartphone holder that is much more practical and safe than the previous one, which was a bit of a dancer and detached from the body of the scooter. We just have to frame the QR Code on the plastic block and then insert the smartphone in the seat, in case we want the navigator in sight. The news obviously does not end there: now we have the brake cables partially exposed, a solution that will allow you to repair your scooters more quickly and therefore guarantee a better service to your users. Users who can now count on one larger front wheel than in the past.

We now have a 28.5 cm (11.5 “) diameter tire, which on paper promises better vibration absorption – and we will see shortly whether in the real world this is true or not. Also on this generation we find the directional arrows , which this year bring a novelty requested in a loud voice: they are able to deactivate automatically.

But be careful, the system does not work as it does on NIU scooters, with the arrow deactivating as soon as we make the turn. On Voi scooters, the arrow switches itself off after 100 meters from its activationit is therefore a ploy that serves more than anything else to prevent users from forgetting it on all the way – confusing the traffic around it.

Driving the new V5 di Voi

Although the technical data sheet of the new V5 may be of relatively little interest due to its sharing nature, we still tell you for the sake of completeness that the scooter 2022 of You promises up to 95 km on a single chargetherefore even a battery below 50% charge can still guarantee you a long city run without problems.

The braking distance has been reduced to less than 4.4 meters thanks to the double braking system with standard eKFV, and we have to admit that braking is really forceful, especially when using both levers. Due to the law, the maximum speed has been rightly limited to 20 km / h, furthermore going out of your operating area means actually turning off the scooter, which you will have to bring back to the “Safe Zone” by hand, so be careful. The system also remains that increases the speed to 6 km / h in pedestrian areas, so before making a trip make sure you avoid yellow or black areas in order not to have any nasty surprises – and lose precious rental minutes. The total weight of the scooter is 32 kg, and it actually makes itself felt if you try to lift the vehicle to get on or off a sidewalk; such tonnage can also be perceived on the street, especially on the terrible and fearful cobblestones of Milan, with some areas where walking is really prohibitive.

The larger front wheel actually makes some passages easier, with the excellent hydraulic shock absorber that makes the journey pleasant despite the physiological holes that can be encountered on the road or the tram rails, but is obviously insufficient on the most disconnected cobbles.

If you travel to Milan it is better to avoid the areas of the center covered with cobblestones, but not only with the V5 di Voi, this advice is valid in a general sense. The 32 kg weight, however, should not scare you when parking, the double kickstand in fact engages without any effort, anyone can use a Voi scooter – always speaking of inclusiveness.

The V5 in our opinion

We have always considered the V4 2021 an excellent scooter for sharing, but you have decided to improve it further with this new generation V5. Several key aspects of the model are now even more performing, think of the excellent brakes and the larger front wheel.

If at the rear we have a 10 “and 26 cm diameter tire, at the front this time we find one wheel of 11.5 “and 28.5 cm in diameter, an expedient that allows us to better deal with some city passages. On board the new V5 you feel really safe, even passing over any holes or tram tracks; however, the unknown factor of the cobblestones remains, which in its most disconnected sections generates a lot of vibrations also on this model, albeit slightly reduced compared to the V4. We also appreciated the more compact and accessible brake levers, so that even those with small hands can drive the Voi scooters without problems, together with the softer and more comfortable grips. You have also made excellent efforts to make the directional arrows as autonomous as possible, which now automatically deactivate after 100 meters, we only hope that in the next model they will be able to deactivate immediately after the turn.

As for the rest we are dealing with the usual (and solid) Voi experience, ready to bring to Milan and Rome (from 24 March 2022) one of the best scooters of the current sharing scene – to be driven also by Voi Pass. At the moment you can buy from the Voi app 300 minutes a month for € 29.99or up to 9 trips or 200 minutes a day with 69.00 euros per month.

If you need the Voi scooters for just one day, the 24h Pass costs 6.99 euros, otherwise the runs are paid according to consumption: 1 euro for unlocking and then 0.19 euros per minute. But that of you is a large community, by sharing your “friend code” in fact you can get free rides, with the Voialty program instead you can unlock goals and get discounts on rides every month (up to 40%). In short, the world of Voi expands far beyond its vehicles, now you just have to find out.

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