Alternative Drive: From 2023, only electric Nissans will come to Europe

The company will not invest in EURO7 cars, by the end of the decade they will have only partially or fully electric models on the Old Continent.

Nissan announced this week that it will not invest in EURO7 cars, as a result of which no new cars with purely electric internal combustion engines will be introduced in Europe from 2023 onwards. Their goal is to have 75 percent of their sales from electrified models by 2026, and to increase that to 100 percent by the end of the decade. In addition to vehicles, the manufacturer is working on a comprehensive EV Energy Ecosystem that is researching initiatives to optimize and expand the battery’s power management capabilities.

According to the decision, their offer will also change, this year they will offer their customers more or less electric-powered models than before. A hybrid model will be available from JUKE, e-POWER will be used on Qashqai and X-Trail, with purely electric Ariya, as well as Townstar, which is named after a city van. In addition, one of the most popular electric cars, the Nissan LEAF, will continue to be available.

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